Our insurance solutions and management services are tailored to fit the needs of your business and your employees!

Our insurance solutions and management services are tailored to fit the needs of your business and your employees!

Working with Averta, an independent employee benefits agency, means you're interested in receiving better broker services that actually help your entire organization save time and money!

Why partner with Averta as your dedicated employee benefits account servicing partner?

Enrollment Platform

Averta provides an industry-leading HRIS enrollment platform to your business at no cost!

Turnover Solutions

Our turnover solutions will reduce the hard and soft costs of your employee turnover!

Benefits education

We keep your employees educated on the benefits options that are available to them!

Employee management

Our HRIS platform will help you manage your employees and HR tasks more efficiently!

Compliance solutions

Averta will help keep your business in full compliance with ACA, COBRA, ERISA, FMLA and more!

Tailored Benefits

Averta provides tailored benefits options for your employees, helping to retain and attract top talent!

Professional Marketing

Averta will assist your business with its professional design, marketing and advertising services!

Payroll Integration

Integrate your payroll services with our HRIS platform to make your HR and payroll tasks even easier!

Instant value

Our time and money saving solutions add instant value to your business and to your employees!

In a nutshell, when you partner with Averta and take advantage of our unique insurance solutions and management services, your business and your employees will save time and money!

We guarantee it!

How can your organization and your employees actually save time and money, you ask?

As an independent employee benefits agency, we are not tied to any specific carriers or plans that offer higher, padded commissions and fees, or incentivized bonus structures. Instead, we provide plans that fit the needs of the business and its employees – the coverage your organization wants and needs. Often times, the plans we present to your group are on the less-expensive side and provide lower commissions with no broker incentives or bonuses. We’d rather see your organization receive the benefit – not us.

Let us help lower your costs for care in as many ways that we can. After all, what is affordable for you may not be for another, and vice versa. Your employee benefits should not take a one-size-fits-all approach. We tailor your healthcare options to your specific needs and provide what’s best for our clients – REAL SAVINGS.

Averta eliminates the costs for several HR and employee management services that your organization is most likely still paying for. Things like HSA services (set-up and monthly service fees), COBRA services (set-up and monthly service fees), and the costs for your per-head/per-month HRIS platform, or any a-la-carte HR and employee management services that you pay for through your payroll service provider. Why would an organization want to continue paying these costs and fees when it doesn’t have to?

This is just one of the many ways your organization and employees will save time and money when working with Averta. (#instant-added-value)

Averta specializes in increasing efficiency and productivity for any organization. This saves your business time and makes your business more money. Running more efficiently keeps workers focused on tasks that need to be addressed rather than spending countless hours to accomplish what our HRIS platform can automate for you. Let Averta create a single-sign-on platform for your organization that starts with Employee Navigator™. We have partnered with certain payroll and compliance service providers so that our clients can manage their HR, payroll, compliance and employee management tasks all under one login. This gives your employees easier ways to access their information including their benefits, paycheck information and provider care. This also saves your HR and payroll departments from the stress and complexities that take countless hours a day to sort through.

Reducing time spent on HR and compliance will save your business time and money. Let Averta help your business with our outsourced healthcare compliance solutions that free up time and money spent on trying to remain in full compliance yourself. Having our compliance solutions go to work for you also ensures your compliance and ACA reporting is done correctly to avoid the associated penalties from the IRS. Our HRIS platform provides help with ACA and COBRA reporting. Together with our outsourced compliance services, this could save your business tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in IRS fines. Utilizing our compliance solutions will also free up the time your organization would have spent attempting to do these tasks internally. Our outsourced compliance solutions are also backed with a $1M hold harmless guarantee. So if anything is incorrectly filed or reported, our solutions specialists will fight on your behalf to avoid any penalties for your business. With this hold harmless guarantee from one of the most trusted healthcare compliance services in the country, ask yourself… is it worth the risk of handling this yourself? The small costs to pay for this outsourced service by far out-weighs the penalties from the IRS.

Increasing your business tech saves your business time and money by having the ability to reduce and automate tasks which in turn increases productivity. It also helps eliminate that paper trail and manage your HR, compliance and employees more efficiently. Technology exists to make things better. Let Averta provide our industry-leading HRIS platform to your business, helping you to save countless hours of work each week – and month – while reducing your operating costs as well. This will also reduce costs associated with your payroll service provider – and your per-head/per-month HR services. Say bye bye to those once and for all! And FYI… it won’t cost you a dime… It is an added-value and licensed service that we provide to your organization to use, as your employee benefits agency of choice.

Learn more about our industry-leading HRIS platform by visiting this section of our website.

Click here to learn more.

Reducing your employee turnover will save your business time and money. Let Averta reduce the associated hard and soft costs of turnover that are impacting your bottom line. Truth is, most business have no idea exactly how much their employee turnover costs them each year. Reducing your employee turnover will save time by eliminating much of the training and oversight associated with firing and hiring. This will save you money by eliminating the costs of firing and hiring including pension and severance payments, advertising, costs for recruiting, new hire training and oversight. This also saves you money by protecting your proprietary business intellect that you own from walking out your door and being used elsewhere. Learn more about the hard and soft costs of turnover in the “Reducing Your Turnover” page on our website.

This saves your business and your employees’ time and money!

Benefits education save your employees’ money by:

  • Knowing what services and treatments cost BEFORE they receive them
  • Giving them the ability to plan ahead for costs of treatment
  • Knowing to use urgent care vs a doctor or hospital visit
  • Knowing to use Telehealth benefits instead of urgent care, doctor or hospital visits
  • Knowing what prescriptions are covered before enrolling in a specific plan, and how to find prescriptions at lower costs
  • Not missing out on several week’s worth of wages while going between jobs that offer better benefits
  • Not having a gap in insurance coverage while waiting for their new job’s waiting period to end so they can receive necessary treatment


Benefits education save your employees’ time by:

  • Not having to continuously reach out to your HR department asking what is and what is not covered
  • Not having to research by phone, email or the internet to determine what their benefits are good for
  • Not having to skip or cancel appointments or necessary treatments because they aren’t sure what’s covered and what associated costs are
  • Not having to look for another job that has the benefits they want or need


Benefits education save your business time and money by:

  • Protecting your business and your valued employees from all of the above
  • Avoid unnecessary turnover costs
  • Avoid paying monthly premiums for your current benefits that may not even be what your business or employees want or need. Let’s spend your money wisely!

Increasing your employee benefit options saves your business and your employees’ time and money!

This saves your employees’ money by:

  • Providing the benefits that they want and need, ones that can save them money in the event that they become disabled, or too sick to work. Think of it like you’re protecting their paycheck!
  • Not having to spend more out of pocket for coverage options that they want or need
  • Not having to use costly out-of-network providers for treatments or visits that aren’t covered in-network
  • Allowing them to choose from more than 1 plan option that isn’t as costly for things like deductibles, out of pocket maximums, and provider bills that aren’t covered either enough or at all from the insurance carriers
  • Being able to stay at their current job, not having to miss a few paychecks due to quitting and waiting for their new job and new benefits to start… a new job that offers and contributes towards better benefits options
  • Avoiding the desire to quiet quit, throwing away career advances and seeking better pay


This saves your employees’ time by:

  • Not having to look for a job that offers the benefits that they want
  • Not wasting time at urgent care, doctor offices or hospitals only to find out they aren’t covered at all or enough for their desired treatment
  • Allowing them to be more productive at work, not having to worry and learn on their own as they go, in regards to understanding their benefits options and their associated costs


This saves your business time and money by:

  • Protecting your business and your valued employees from all of the above, to avoid turnover, and the costs of coverage for benefits that aren’t even what your business or employees want or need.
  • The last thing you want is to see your valued employees leave your business only to end up down the street because the other guys are offering more benefits.
  • FYI… a lot of these “other” benefits don’t need to cost your business a dime. But it is up to you, the business owner, to provide and offer these options. And in today’s challenging and uncertain economy, we recommend that you do.

Increasing employee satisfaction saves your business and employees’ time and money.

There are a few things you can to do increase your employee satisfaction and ranking. Providing a tailored benefits package to your valued employees, benefits options that they will want, need, and utilize for years to come is the best way to increase your employee satisfaction.

Don’t just hire and train your employees for their next job!

Offer benefits that include medical, dental, vision, and voluntary plans like critical illness, hospital indemnity, accident plans, HSAs/401Ks and more. If all you’re offering is basic medical and dental, don’t be too surprised to see your employees constantly leaving for a better job opportunity with better benefits down the street. If it’s one thing we’ve learned from the pandemic, it’s that the benefits that weren’t originally available and offered were the benefits that they wanted the most. Hence the Great Resignation…

Let’s reduce or eliminate the desire for your employees to quiet-quit.

Offering tailored benefits options makes your employees feel that you truly care for their well being, and in return you’ll find they will remain loyal to your organization for years to come. Your employees will care about coming to work knowing that you have their back. You will see an increase in production with a higher employee ranking and satisfaction, and hiring new talent won’t be a problem any more as well. This simple step will greatly reduce your turnover costs as well.

By implementing Averta’s Efficiency, Growth and Savings program, your business and your employees will save time and money.

We guarantee it.

And PS… our next-generation insurance solutions and our HR and employee management services are yours – at no cost to your business!

Connect with us and start your savings today. You’ll be glad you did.

Did you know...

You do not have to wait until your next open enrollment period to switch to Averta. Your employee benefits are on a month-to-month contract. You can start working with us before or after your group’s renewal period (or any time throughout the year) to start receiving better broker services. Our broker services.

When you choose Averta Insurance Solutions, an independent employee benefits agency, to handle your employee benefits accounts, you have selected an agency that has access to all of the leading carriers, yet has no allegiance to any single one. Broker incentives, rewards and bonus structures do not determine which plans or benefits options we present to our clients for purchase. Your satisfaction and savings are more important to us than a higher paid carrier commission. Your business will receive the lowest rates for the maximum coverage. Unlike larger employee benefits agencies, Averta is not required to share broker commissions or bonuses with any “senior” brokers, managers, shareholders or partners. This means our goal is not to pad commissions, or sell higher commission-based plans or policies to your group to make sure everyone gets a good piece of the pie. Our intent is to make sure your organization receives the benefit of the plans, not us.

You won’t have to keep training your employees for their next job! Averta will help reduce your turnover and increase your employee satisfaction.

Your employees will finally understand their benefits options. We continuously educate your employees so they fully understand what is and what is not covered in their benefits options.

Employee benefits are no longer a one-size-fits-all solution. Your benefits options will be tailored for your business and for the needs of your employees.

You have nothing to lose, only to gain, when partnering with Averta. Our Efficiency, Growth & Savings program adds instant value to your business.

Your business will receive full use of our licensed “Elite” HRIS software platform (Employee Navigator™) to better manage your HR, employees, onboarding, benefits, benefits and employee administration, enrollment, compliance, and much much more.

If you are not familiar with Employee Navigator™, we strongly encourage you to visit the Employee Navigator™ website for an un-biased preview of the full suite of products and services that you will have at your disposal through our program.

  • Benefits Administration
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • HR Management
  • Employee Management
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Integrated Payroll
  • Asset Tracking
  • ACA and COBRA Compliance
  • Advanced Analytic Reporting
  • PTO Tracking
  • And much much more…

This included platform asset alone is a significant VALUE and SAVINGS for your business. Incorporating this software platform into your business operation will provide a streamlined, integrated set of tools, allowing your business to run much more efficiently and save you time and money.

The following document is an overview of our unique Efficiency, Growth & Savings program. Click the image below to view.

Here are a few of our services summarized in outlined overviews. Click on each graphic below to view each PDF document.

Connect with an Averta agent to start your savings today!

You’ll be glad you did!