Why choose Averta?
Because the needs of your business are always ahead of our own.

Why choose Averta?
Because the needs of your business are always ahead of our own.

See what some of our clients have to say about our no-cost insurance solutions and our HR and employee management services:

"Sean Roy at Averta Insurance has quickly become a significant and dedicated asset to our business and to our employees. He continuously provides added value above and beyond what we originally expected from an employee benefits broker. Sean provides an industry-leading HRIS platform to our business at no cost. He also helped integrate our payroll service provider allowing our business to operate much more efficiently. He provides services to maintain our healthcare compliance (COBRA, ACA and ERISA) as well. His services truly save our business and our employees time and money. He is a rockstar benefits broker!"
Andrew Marsh
Director, HR and Legal Affairs
"Sean at Averta Insurance Solutions always makes himself available to provide employee benefits education. He strives to make sure all of our employees understand and utilize the benefits that are available to them. He offers in-person benefits education services, a benefits education video library, email, text and phone support. He also offers private online web meetings to help educate our employees on their benefits options. He is available during off-hours and even on the weekends when any type of help or support is needed. His services are very much appreciated."
Bryce Barnett
General Manager
"I highly recommend the professional services provided by Sean, at Averta Insurance Solutions, to any business owner. Partnering with Sean at Averta has helped our business operate more efficiently, allowing us to expand our business and streamline our HR and employee management. He helps with compliance, HR and employee management, and handles all of our benefits administration and enrollment. He provides great advice and plan recommendations. He responds to our calls immediately and is always checking in to see how he can help. He really cares about the success of our business and our employees."
Emmanuel Cruz
Director of Operations
"I was trying to schedule an eye doctor appointment and I could not remember the name of my provider. I called Sean at Averta Insurance, expecting to reach his voicemail (it was a Saturday) and in a few rings he picked up the phone. Sean got me the information I needed within a couple of minutes and stayed in constant communication with me until I was successfully able to schedule my appointment. Sean’s patience, understanding, and genuine desire to help others is greatly appreciated. I am very impressed with the quality of service I continue to receive from Averta Insurance and I would highly recommend them to anyone."
Diego Figueroa
General Manager
"Sean at Averta Insurance continuously provides valued services and support in so many ways in addition to the typical employee benefits insurance services that we were previously used to. Sean provides significant savings to our business and to our employees and has helped reduce our employee turnover costs by formulating a tailored employee benefits package that better suits our employee’s needs. He also provides customized turnover reporting that helps us make better decisions when it comes to employee management. He is fun to work with and his services surprisingly don't cost us a dime. Why would someone not want to work with Sean?
Scott Barnett
Director of New Markets

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