With Averta, it’s not just about the benefits!

It’s about helping your entire organization save time and money with our unique HR and employee management services.

Averta Insurance Solutions, an independent employee benefits insurance agency, provides next-generation employee benefits solutions packaged with compliance, HR and employee management services for employer groups throughout California, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada.

Our goal is to help your business and your valued employees save time and money, allowing you to grow and thrive in today's challenging economy. We accomplish this goal by implementing our no-cost Efficiency, Growth and Savings program to support your HR and employee management systems and procedures.

Through our Efficiency, Growth and Savings program, your business and employees will receive the following instant value:

These annual services are provided on a monthly basis to help your business run more efficiently. Not just the initial quoting, enrollment, new-hire on-boarding, and policy renewal services that you may already be used to. Our no-cost services go far beyond the benefits options themselves.

Do you have to utilize or incorporate all of the monthly no-cost service options we provide? No. But rest assured, they are all available to your business at any time.

Our monthly timeline of services are designed to take some of the burden off of your HR department’s and administration’s shoulders. Our monthly services include:

  • HR Management Services
  • Employee Management Services
  • Compliance Solutions
  • Turnover Solutions
  • Analytic Reporting Services
  • Integration Services (HRIS/Payroll)
  • HRIS Support (Employee Navigator™)
  • Benefits Education Services
  • Voluntary Benefits Plan Design Services
  • Employee Surveying Services
  • Professional Marketing, Design and Advertising Services
  • Plus, all of the typical broker services that you may already be used to!


Click here to preview our Efficiency, Growth & Savings Program outline!

We provide this licensed full-version software platform to your business, allowing you to better manage your HR tasks, employees, enrollments, benefits options and administration. This platform is yours to use as an added-value service to our employer group clients.

Streamline and digitize your business today to save time in the future with tedious tasks that take countless hours of effort each week.

If you are not familiar with Employee Navigator™, we strongly encourage you to visit the Employee Navigator™ website for an un-biased preview of the full suite of products and services that you will have at your disposal through our program.

  • Benefits Administration
  • Benefits Enrollment
  • HR Management
  • Employee Management
  • New Hire Onboarding
  • Integrated Payroll
  • Asset Tracking
  • ACA and COBRA Compliance
  • Advanced Analytic Reporting
  • PTO Tracking
  • And much much more…


This provided service alone is a significant VALUE and savings for your business. Incorporating Employee Navigator™ into your business operation will provide a streamlined, integrated set of tools, allowing your business to run much more efficiently.

Learn more about our HRIS Platform by clicking here!

Price is extraordinarily important when it comes to providing your employee benefits. Once we become your employee benefits insurance account servicing partner, we will continually negotiate on your behalf for best pricing in medical and voluntary benefits options year after year. This includes continued research into carrier and insurance savings programs in an effort to help save your business money.

We provide full transparency on the employee benefits insuring process. We will openly explain the entire employee benefits insuring process. Everything from benefits administration, quoting, enrollment, the renewal process and the benefits themselves. You will always know why specific policies and plans are presented to your business.

This means we will not furnish cherry-picked plans that offer higher commissions and/or bonus structures to our agents or agency. Your business will receive the lowest rates for the maximum coverage, with continued negotiation on today’s insurance programs from the leading carriers in the employee benefits insurance market. Whether it is single-plan, multi-plan, a multi-tier plan approach, medical only, voluntary only, self-funded, ASO and anything in-between. Your savings is what matters most to us.

When you choose Averta Insurance Solutions to handle your employee benefits, you have selected an agency that has access to all of the leading carriers, yet has no allegiance to any single one.

Averta will help reduce the hard and soft costs associated with your employee turnover which can negatively impact your bottom line. Do you know how much employee turnover costs your business each year? A business today with 50 employees can easily expect its annual turnover costs to exceed $160,000.00. This figure includes many of the unforeseen hard and soft costs that your business may be overlooking.

Are you tired of training your employees for their next job at another company?

Averta can pin-point your exact costs of employee turnover (even per-employee or class structure), and provide the solutions and data reporting to reduce these unwanted costs moving forward that are negatively impacting your bottom line. Using your business-specific data, we can input your unique figures into our cost calculator to provide accurate dollar amounts specific to your business and to your employees.

Imagine the training, the time, the money spent on each employee, plus the proprietary knowledge given to an individual employee, now walking out the door and benefitting the next company they work for.

Let Averta help your business grow by helping you retain the valuable employees that you spent time and money training.

Learn more on reducing your hard and soft costs of turnover for your business by visiting the “Reducing Your Turnover” section of our website.

We provide continued benefits education serices for your valued employees, available any time upon request.

Greater out-of-pocket medical costs are affecting how employees utilize their healthcare services. 44% of workers say they have altered use of medical care, such as skipping doctor visits, x-rays, blood tests and delaying recommended surgical procedures in order to save money. 25% of small business employees say making benefits selections “is more of a guessing game than an educated guess.”

At Averta, we want your valued employees to fully understand, appreciate and utilize the benefits options that are available and offered to them. We provide 1-on-1 benefits education for all of your employees – at no cost to your business. Together, we can eliminate this ridiculous guessing game and provide insight as to what is and what is not covered with their healthcare policies.

Please visit the Averta YouTube channel for a variety of benefits education videos, including how to correctly complete an enrollment application, to paying your premiums with pre-tax dollars, and even understanding the basics in healthcaare benefits definitions. We invite you to subscribe to our channel so that you will receive notifications on when new benefits education videos are uploaded to review.

Visit the Averta YouTube Channel for a series of benefits education videos!

Virtual and in-person enrollment and benefits education services are available as an added-value service to your business as well.

In today’s economy, not every employer can afford to pay for medical, dental, vision and/or life insurance for their employees. However, that doesn’t mean your business can’t offer other types of valuable and desired employee benefits. Instead, your business can offer group voluntary benefits which can lower costs of healthcare for your employees and even put money into their pockets from covered accidents, injuries or illnesses. The best part is, these voluntary benefits options can come at cost to the business – and – they help reduce the associated costs of turnover as well!

In simple terms, a group voluntary benefits program means allowing an insurer to offer your employees access to particular medical benefits through their employment, often with payments collected through the company’s payroll. Because the insurer is getting access to multiple potential customers, they agree to offer lower premium costs than the employee would normally pay as an individual in the open benefits market.

Offering group voluntary medical benefits doesn’t cost the employer anything. It does, however, increase the chances of your employees getting the relevant insurance coverage that they want and need. That, in turn, helps your business retain its employees, and increases the likelihood that they’ll stay healthy and financially secure. And satisfied employees don’t quit or move onto greener pastures. You are in fact increasing your employee satisfaction and employee ranking while decreasing your turnover rate, which in the end saves your business money.

If you’re looking for an alternative to offering employee sponsored medical benefits to your employees, then group voluntary benefits is the solution. Let Averta formulate a tailored voluntary plan design to fit the specific needs of your business goals and applications. Connect with an Averta agent today to learn more.

We will assist your marketing team with its ongoing social, web and print campaigns to help elevate your brand awareness. Our extensive marketing and design background can be put to use, as an added-value service to our employer group clients.

Marketing, advertising and design services we can assist with include:

• Social media content management
• Apparel design and production services
• Print marketing and advertising campaigns
• Web/social marketing and advertising campaigns
• Print design collateral
• Promotional product design
• Website design/development

We have 20+ years of professional design, marketing and advertising experience that is here for you if and when you need it.

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Business Services

Averta provides instant value to your business by reducing your costs of turnover, providing HR and employee management services, and formulating benefits options that actually fit the needs of your business and your employees.

Real Savings

Averta's no-cost tailored employee benefits insurance solutions - packaged with our next-generation HR and employee management services - will save your business and your employees time and money. We guarantee it.

Our HRIS Platform

Enjoy use of our industry-leading HRIS platform (at no cost to your business) to better manage your HR and employee management tasks like reporting, onboarding, benefits administration, enrollment, compliance, and much more.